Thursday, October 21, 2004


I just haven't felt like bloggin' it lately. Perhaps I deserve to be blog-flogged and hog-tied with a schwa. Or maybe it's because I'm about 2 1/2 months away from 40 and I can't decide what to do with my hair--again. Or maybe it's because my husband's boss is taking the "guys" to Zurich and Paris four days after I turn 40. Or maybe it's because all that health junk temporarily took the wind out of my sails...or the sails off my boat. Or maybe its because I can't stop knitting up Paris Loops or poncholettes make of Kureyon. Or maybe it's because I can't wait for my Silk Garden to get here so I can make Klaralund. Or Lara with the Silk Road Aran I scored. Or maybe its because I went a little overboard in rewarding myself for the art fair with a "little" yarn. Or maybe it's because I can't get the green sweater in the new Queensland Collection off my mind and how I might dye some natural yarn and mohair I have to mimick said sweater. Or maybe I should stop typing out freakin' sentence fragments before I force said schwa down my throat and choke to death (I love to say schwa...schwa! schwa! schwa! You can't stop me!). Then again maybe I'm just tired.

This Saturday, I'm going to SAFF. I'm going to do some serious scoring of roving there. I feel like skipping through the building when I get there. Wool! Mohair! Angora bunnies! Alpacas! Llamas! Cashmere goats! Angora goats! All kinds of sheep! All for me! me! me! I'll also get to meet my wooly commrades in the Southeastern Felters Guild in the afternoon. We're a new guild, so we're trying to figure out what the hell we want to do with our time. I'll also be dropping off some hats to a weaver who is going to use them in a fashion show in November.

Tonight is studying for next week's cognitive behavioral therapy mid-term. It's over the entire freakin' textbook, plus several suicide assessment topics. Bah. Hopefully I can multi-task and knit while studying--that could be dangerous for this little pea brain...

Gotta go, I'm about to schwa all over myself...


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