Wednesday, October 27, 2004

testing, this thing on?

Well, that stupid mid-term was a cinch. I thought it was going to be horrible and, since I fully embraced said assumption, I took off Monday to memorize everything we had been told, shown and assigned. I was kind of pissed off it wasn't harder. How whacked is that? Anyway, I was glad I was able to do well.

After the exam was over I headed straight to Bask1n R0bbins to get a scoop of Nutty Coconut. Mmmmmmmmm, rewards! Then I decided I needed more rewarding and I got out some of the roving I scored at SAFF and started spinning like a mad woman. Then I decided that was not enough, so I headed to the store and bought limes and a six-pack of one of my favorite beers, Tecate. Mmmmmmm, beer. After that, I decided that was enough rewarding and drank, spun, plied and vegged out like a moron. Hey, it was the perfect day!

I don't know why I'm so photographically impaired recently. I will try to force myself to take pictures of the SAFF haul and the four capelets/ponchos I've knitted up. Egads, I'm a lazy one on the blogging recently.

Oh, and my hats are going to be in a nearby fashion show, which I think is really cool. More about that as it draws near.

Happy Wednesday...I think.


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