Saturday, June 25, 2005

dot, dot, dot...

Latest Google search words that led to my site: knitting + turd + medication

I think that might be a statement about my life in general.

But let us not be so negative.

It turns out that poor little Peanut had a puncture wound (a la Yuki) on his back right elbow/knee--whatever. It became abcessed, so they had to lance it (hoark). Anyway, on to daily antibiotics and cleansing with hydrogen peroxide to keep the wound open and draining. Peanut is not a fan of medical care. Nice.

As for Rooney, we've hit the wall with our generalist vet care and they're preparing a referral to the University of Tennessee Vet School where we can get him evaluated by some specialists. There's a possibility of myasthenia gravis (a very serious neurological disorder rare in cats). Real Nice.

Rooney did receive some subcutaneous fluids to rehydrate him and he's puny but feeling a little better. We will do everything we can for him. That's the personal contract when we bring critters home. If you don't wanna take care of 'em, don't get 'em. Even when puny he's the hit of the animal hospital and one vet tech scoops him up every chance she gets...she joked, "I'm taking him back [for fluids]...and right out the back door."

I hope we can do something for him.

Thanks to all you guys who have been bidding on my little paintings. :-)


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