Tuesday, June 07, 2005

God's little to-do list...

Well, apparently God caught me being bored or something. Now that it's in the 90's the air decided to go out at the house. Cha-ching.

Poor little kitties. Ain't nothin' worse than wearing a fur coat in the heat and squirrels peeing in the fireplace (yes, Ralphie procreated...a lot). Hot house + squirrel pee and slobber = stinky house. The problem is now: 1) we're afraid we've domesticated them, and 2) they are SO cute that we can't stop feeding them. When they need water or food they pick up the little plastic bowls and bang them against the fireplace screen. No shit. Just like tin cups at the prison. They hide behind the logs while my husband puts out new stuff and come tumbling over the moment the bowls are set in place. If I could tell them apart, I'd name them, but for now, they are all Ralphies.

Please, oh please, let the air be fixed soon.


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