Saturday, May 02, 2009


Being.unemployed is no fun, even with a severance package. Mental health services are being cut everywhere and there are precious few jobs to be had. Everyday I check for job listings and check leads to no avail. I am just short of being eligible for licensure which knocks me out of qualifying for 75 percent of jobs that are listed or available. It's been a week now and the first few days were nice but the worry is creeping in...

On a brighter note I am looking forward to next Saturday because I am taking Pepper to a Canine Confidence class. She is a very nervous shepherd and I really want to work on her socialization and confidence. She is such a smart dog - I hate not getting to share her wonderful personality with other people. She's only comfortable around close family and a very few friends. Our vet said German Shepherds have been so overbred that many of them now have fearful temperaments - yet another reason to avoid all backyard breeders and all "pet shops" who buy from puppy mills. Don't get me started on that!!

All for now...basically because I am already tired of QWERTYing on my Blackberry.

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