Thursday, November 10, 2005

many things are revealed to you when you are at your most vulnerable...

Don't you think this is true? I have grown just as much as I have suffered this year. The sword goes into your chest and comes out your back as a strange bouquet of flowers. That's what I think grief is like. I know I would not have started painting for 3-5 hours every night if I had not been battling the emotional upheaval of grief. I had played around with painting a little, but it became my guardian angel after the accident. It kept me alive inside and it helped me escape. I suppose discovering that way of expressing myself was a gift left for me.

There can be gifts for us if we accept them.

The internship is going well. It is a busy, lively place where everyone works as a team and helps one another. Everyone works through lunch, but they're happy doing what they do. I am challenged every time I go spend time with the therapists there, and they throw me into situations that make me think on my feet and perform in a way I never thought possible.

I'll count that as a gift, too.

In with the sword; out with the flowers. If ya' live. ;-)


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