Tuesday, November 08, 2005

turds on a stick...

Why I felt the need to title this post "turds on a stick," well, I just don't know. Maybe because my stomach has been in knots so much recently.

It seems that taking a little time off has helped. I finally felt a little bit of my mojo coming back today, but I have to get through the next four weeks without losing my mind. Since my internship ran into roadblocks early on (even though it was not my doing) I have 31 extra hours of internship left to squeeze in on top of the 16 hours extra a week of regular internship. Now, tell me how the hell am I going to do that? I guess I will have to take some vacation days from my regular job and work some full days of internship. Being laid up from major surgery is starting to look better and better all the time. No shit, I'm looking forward to being in a flat-on-my-back position regardless of pain and stitches. At least I will not have "THE LIST" hanging over my head.

Maybe "turds on a stick" is quite appropriate.

But, why do women pee on the toilet seat and then bitch at men for leaving the seat up? I lose a strand of DNA every time I go into a public bathroom and see a bunch of she-spray on the toilet. The toilets are far nastier when people DON'T sit on the seat. Use the friggin' ass-doilies they provide for gawd-sakes.

See, I AM feeling better today. Mrrrrraarrrwwwww! Pfffffffffttttt!


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