Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what is the word...

I got tagged like an animal for a weird little meme thanks to old Barry, old pal, old friend... hmmmph.
Here's the thing...
1. FLIP open a dictionary and point to a word.
2. Type the word into Google images.
3. PICK an image that strikes you.
4. Write a 10 line RIFF off the image.
5. Use the word or the meaning of the word at least once within the first 5 lines of your riff.
6. Tag 3 other bloggers on your list.

Like Barry, I bucked the system and wrote whatever the hell I wanted to, especially since I don't know what a "riff" is...I thought that had to do with guitars. I guess I'm not hip anymore.

Anyhoo, here's the image and the psychologically distorted story I wrote...the word appears at the end in quotations. Don't hurt yourself having too much fun. I'm going to tag Critter, Piggy and Punkin's Mom...
Barbie couldn't understand why someone would want to desecrate her meticulous appearance with slimy, smelly escargot and their resultant fetid poo.

She thought that wasn't nice at all. She thought it would be great if she could move her hard plastic arms all by herself and get the snail shit off of her face and neck.

"Where's that stupid kid?" she thought. She could feel the snail dung sliding down her brow and into the corner of her left eye.

"Why did they have to paint my eyes open anyway? I'd rather not see everything." She could feel the snails massaging along, up and down her neck; back and forth across her face, leaving a nasty meringue over her eyes through which she could hardly see.

"Where IS that stupid kid?" she wondered again, finally noticing she was amid boxes, crushed cans and strings of dried up spaghetti.

If her mouth had been painted open, she could have screamed. "Oh, God, no! Not the dumpster!" She could only imagine having the power to put her face in her hands and sob. She knew she had been replaced by a Barbie with more bling, a shorter skirt, better boobs, a more flamboyant Ken, and a shiny black Escala*de filled full of Dom.

"That bitch!"

(The word was "meticulous")


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