Thursday, January 15, 2004

a little horse with heart...

I printed out my syllabus for class last night and noticed the instructor is at a seminar for the first meeting, so I scampered on home and nestled into my knitting needles. I made an ugly scarf. I will probably wear it Friday night and then rip it out and do something else with it. I am a freak. I also cuddled up with Unexpected Knitting to do some more reading...I think I am going to learn a lot from this book. I'm a theory person, so I don't really get something until I understand its larger scope. And this book definitely belongs on the Larger Scope Bookshelf. I'd like to make my own stuff someday, especially with my handspun stuff.

I've also been feeling really distressed and blue over the past couple of weeks. I keep frantically trying to find more and more distractions to keep the Beast away, but I'm having to walk around in a garlic suit to keep the thing in its cage. I'm really going to try hard to get some felting done this weekend. Doing always helps. I have a bunch of bag designs I want to try that are far more sophisticated than what I've been doing. If I can muster the energy to GET STARTED I'll be okay. My energy level is almost at zero it seems, but I keep cheering myself on, knowing there's a fiery little Seabiscuit inside of me somewhere. If I keep believing I'll win this race someone might just hang some roses around my neck someday.


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