Thursday, January 22, 2004

that's that...

I took the day off today. There go my vacation hours again.

Last night's class (macro social work practice) made me feel so much better. I felt alive again, talking about things that are important to me, being around people who want to do the same thing...getting out. And I think that's what prompted my vacation day today. I didn't want to go to work and feel dead again. I just wanted to enjoy feeling satisfied a little longer. It's not the people I work with--far and away they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. But the more I grow into myself, the more I grind against the grain working in PR. Quite frankly, working in PR has nearly killed my love for writing. I hope once I leave the field that words will eventually excite me again.

I've decided to chronicle my horrific knitting failures in the UFO files. I like to knit, but apparently I have KADD (knitting attention deficit disorder). It's bad...really bad. Oh well, if you can't achieve, laugh your ass off about it instead.

Baxter is continuing to lose weight and I am really worried. The vet says his bloodwork shows borderline hyperthyroidism, so I have to take him back for repeat bloodwork in February. At this point the medication will do too much, so we're waiting to see if his condition improves or worsens. It's hard to see all the kitties lose weight as they get older. They were all so big in their "teenage" years. People made fun of us they were such big boy kitties.

Oh yeah and don't forget, you're invited to the RTB PARTY hosted by the lovely Dagley Dagley Daily. If you have ties to Tennessee, you know you can be part of the Rocky Top Brigade if you dare. Just let me know and I will submit your blog or you can click on the RTB blogroll flag (on the left) and submit yourself. It's down-home fun.


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