Monday, January 05, 2004


Damn it. It's Monday again. What idiot made up Monday, anyway? Better yet, who decided my hormones would fluctuate, stealing my perfectly good wings made for flying high and replacing them with two damp moldy sponges that have been cleaning gas station toilets. Get the picture?

Last week I felt happy, powerful and like I could control the cosmos. Then, for some reason, with the arrival two days of bizarrely warm weather over the weekend and the my own personal recurring Hitler (PMS), some one got out the hedge clippers and sawed off my pristine magical wings and slapped the stinky sponges on my back instead. Who did that? Who DID THAT??!!!! Off with their head!!!

So, I did a lot of staring at the wall. And not doing the things I said I would. I DID get the doggy butt-stamp off my seat and took a bag of garbage out of my car. And did two loads of laundry and went grocery shopping. And I spun for an hour. But that's over two days. Not a lot. Didn't get two little dolls made for a person waiting on them. Didn't get a hat resized that a friend is waiting on. Didn't do those things. Couldn't figure out why. Got cranky about it. Ate popcorn. Watched football, funniest home videos and Growing Up Tiger on Animal Planet. Cuddled with the cats and dogs. Stared at knitting books. Didn't knit. Mumbled about my pants being too tight.

Mumbled. Just mumbled. I want my wings back.


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