Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Must have eaten something bad...

Man, there's nothing worse than a creative slump. Feeling dead inside. Disconnected from the power source. I keep telling myself I feel better, but I don't. I have a hard time waiting these things through because I used to live everyday depressed and hopeless. Unfortunately, you can't recover from depression and never have a depressed day again, because well, that's part of the human experience when things are not going so great.

Bah. I'll be fine. I just don't like to go through episodes that remind me of Those Bleak Days. Enough of that.

I swatched for Kyoto, and as usual, I need to go a needle size up. I am a tightwad little knitter. But I didn't have that size in circulars so I haven't started yet. The lure of about 20 other patterns continues to tug at me as well. I think I might make a UFO (unfinished objects) section. Notice I didn't mention the FO (finished objects) section. I'm a great starter, but not a good finisher when it comes to knitting. But hell, felting is what I do, so knitting is gravy-free-time-stuff for me.

What I REALLY want to knit is THIS.


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