Wednesday, February 09, 2005

All hail the Chief (and Secretary) of Misery and Comeuppance...

Is anyone else "bothered" by the continuing march of the Psycho Brigade? My God, I'm starting to think I need to build a fucking bunker under the cellar. Where did these people learn their communication skills, Nazi-wannabe-camp?

I am incredulous at the audacity of our President and Secretary of State to order the world as if it were a game of "Global Monopoly." Honest-to-God, tact can be useful in diplomatic missions. I don't want any country to have nuclear weapons, but I don't want to piss them off so bad they go into mass production either. Has anyone sent them a memo that we really do ONLY have jurisdiction over our own country? To hell with embarrassment, I am AFRAID.

  • Tough U.S. stance on Iran brings echoes of Iraq debate
  • America's tough rhetoric on Iran


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