Saturday, February 12, 2005

well, that didn't take long...

I guess my Last Nerve heard me calling. About five minutes after I wrote my lamenting diatribe dripping with self-pity, the phone rang. One last ditch effort came through and things are going to get better. It was on the verge of a miracle. Everything had fallen through. I was crying in people's offices. I could feel the vacuum from the flush...I was going down. But then the very last door opened. And I am pinching myself. Hell, I'm pimp-slapping myself. I've been laughing all weekend and it's good to hear my old cackle ring out and scrape the paint.

Yes, I'm being vague. Just make up some stories for your own enjoyment, m'kay? You knew I'd be back sooner than later, didn't you? You knew I couldn't keep my little busy fingers away from the keyboard. So I'm predictable. There are worse things.

Take a look at this fine young kitty...I'm pretty sure Yuki is going to be pretty comfortable here at the Hatamaran abode. And, the "Yukster" has graduated to the cat door with nary a stray poo. Chez meow.


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