Monday, February 21, 2005


Now that we've gotten some financial relief, I have to get back to living and not worrying myself to death. I need to climb back up Maslow's Hierarchy and get beyond the feeling of "just surviving." More art. More writing. More adventure. More growth.

...except for my hair. A little over a year ago it was quite long and now (the pic to the right) it is quite short. I like it. Now I need to get some poundage off of the caboose. When I stress I eat and drink more than I should and it shows. I need to get healthier. I really hate exercise, but I always try to make it my "reading time" and take a good book. Oh well, you play, you pay.

And I found another felt-related blog at Ursonate. She has a very cool project going--one felt hat a week for a year.

And here's my little TV-watchin' buddy, Grayson. He loves to curl up on mama's lap if I'm watching the tube or knitting a bit. We got him back in 1993 when he was nothing but a tiny lost kitten on a country road. Papa sneaked him into the apartment in a duffle bag. When he unzipped the bag, out popped a little gray-striped head with bright blue eyes. "Mew!!!!" I was in love.

Happy Monday.


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