Thursday, February 03, 2005

Amended Version of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act Reintroduced--HR 503

The 109th Congress is finally getting the message that Americans are appalled by horse slaughter in general and outraged by the possibility of our wild horses and burros suffering the same fate in particular.

Americans are WRITING LETTERS. Americans are TELLING OTHER AMERICANS about the practice. Please write your letter and ask your senator or representative to support horse protection legislation. Let your representatives know that you want them to cosponsor HR 297 (to prevent our wild horses and burros from slaughter) and HR 503 to protect all American horses.

What's the point? WE, AS AMERICANS, DO NOT RAISE HORSES FOR FOOD. HORSES ARE CONSIDERED COMPANIONS IN THIS COUNTRY. WHY ARE WE SLAUGHTERING THEM FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO EAT? It's a bastardization of our own cultural standards, and God knows we don't have many to begin with.

Everything you need to help out (e.g. write a letter, make a phone call) is on the STOP HORSE SLAUGHTER weblog. I'm watching the issue closely so you can be informed and tell others (PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE?).

FACTOID: Did you know many famous racehorses have been felled by slaughterhouses? Ferdinand, Kentucky Derby Winner and Exceller, the only horse to ever defeat two Triple Crown winners, are just two. Someone ATE them after they were deemed no longer useful. Disgusting.


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