Wednesday, February 16, 2005

amygdala du jour, escape behavior and the will to diversion...

earth to brain...
I keep saying I need a vacation. I keep saying that. I keep NOT taking a vacation. I don't remember the last vacation I had, other than to take days off to study or get ready for a show. Yo, brain, get the wax outta your ears. Take a vacation (a non-working vacation, you idiot). I'm half "checked-out" at this point anyway...I need to get my ass out of here for a few days.

"Noted," Brain says.

"Yeah," says Worn-out Soul. "That's the email response I got from that purse hardware place when I ordered their catalog. Nothing happened."

"Get off of my back," Brain retorts.

Worn-out Soul merely snorts at the rebuttal. "You'd better listen to me. If you don't have me, you're pretty much useless."

"You are such a cocky SOB," Brain says while sticking out its frontal lobe lip.

"For a thinking-sort, you're one hell of wuss," says Worn-out Soul. "Pull your lip back in and quit acting like a thalamus. Good grief."

Brain walks off in a synaptic snit. "You know, you think too much."

Worn-out Soul rolls its eyes and lets out a tired sigh.

[fade to black...or in my case, kettle-dyed purple]

In other news, I went to a local knitting meet-up at a coffee-shop downtown last night. It was a little stiff, but it may loosen up a little. I felt like the "old coot" in the group. We'll give it another try...the next meeting is in two weeks.


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