Monday, August 01, 2005

Help Bruno!

The following is a cross-post from a list I am on (the same folks I helped out when I was part of the dog transport)...



Please look at Bruno's pictures and see how handsome he is! Not only is he the most handsome but he's the sweetest and best behaved boy that has come through the shelter doors in quite some time!! He is at the Jackson Madison County Humane Society in Jackson, TN. It is shelter policy to not treat for heartworms due to the large number of dogs that arrive with heartworms combined with the cost of the treatment. Because Bruno has tested positive for heartworms, he will be euthanized if somebody cannot be found that can help him.

Bruno needs two things: sponsorship to assist with the financial aspect of treatment (usually less then $100 from the vet clinic that works with the shelter) and a foster or permanent home for him to recuperate in. Without both of these things, Bruno will have to be put to sleep before the end of the first week of August. I can buy more time if somebody thinks they might possibly be able to do something but he'll have to be moved fairily quickly.

Please contact me directly at mollibo111@yahoo(nospam).com for more information. Assistance with transportation can be provided if necessary.

Thanks and please please spread the word about this awesome boy!!



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