Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I don't usually do memes, but...

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncrasies.

1. I can stand my own mess, but I can't stand someone else messing up my messy area. My "studio" can be a disaster area, but if you move one little thing I'll will immediately notice and get mad. It's my own crazy version of organization.

2. Despite the rest of the mess, I cannot and will not sleep in unorganized sheets. My husband rolls them up into knots while he sleeps, and even if it wakes him up (I usually go to bed last), I have to retuck the sheets and blanket in.

3. I can't stand any drink in a can. Yuck. Give me a glass, please. And absolutely no straw unless there's a plastic top made for it.

4. I have to sweep the sheets off with my hand before going to bed. The kitties leave "crunchies" among the cotton and I can't stand the slightest of crunchy dusties underneath the bod whilst I sleep.

5. I have to eat salty foods before sweet foods on my plate unless the sweet and salty tastes are meant to complement one another simultaneously. So macaroni and cheese has to be eaten before sweet potatoes. Absolutely.

Thanks to Curlie Girl.


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