Sunday, August 07, 2005

Please help Daisy Mae...Tuesday she leaves this world...

The shelters of this country are running over with our irresponsibility-cats and dogs by the hundreds of thousands are put to sleep for no reason. Daisy Mae is just such a victim; stuck in a high-kill shelter and heartworm positive, she doesn't have much hope unless someone decides to grow a halo pretty quick. If you have room to foster or adopt Daisy Mae, please contact Molli below ASAP. I already break the city laws wtih seven animals and Sadie will not tolerate a doggie guest...I'd take her if I could. PLEASE CROSSPOST.

p.s. Sadie had heartworms and was fine after being treated.


Please crosspost!!Tuesday deadline!!
Daisy Mae is the sweetest dog and has the best personality! She will make a great family pet but very sadly, she is heartworm positive. She is on preventative but still has contracted heartworms. Daisy Mae will be happy as an inside or outside girl. She just wants and needs her very own family!

Even more important than the funding at this time is the need for a home or rescue that will take her. The shelter where she lives will not let her stay there through treatment and they have absolutely no foster home open to take her.

She appears to have alot of Dobie in her but I'm not sure if it's enough for a Dobie rescue to take her into their program. She is spayed and up to date on vaccines.
The director of the shelter has set Tuesday afternoon as the deadline for Daisy Mae to find a home or she will be put to sleep.

If you can save Daisy Mae's life with a home (permanent or foster), please contact Molli at or 731-217-6196. Donations will gladly be accepted to assist with the treatment but money is of no use at this time without a place for her to live besides the shelter. Transportation assistance will be provided if necessary.

Thanks so much and PLEASE spread the word for Daisy Mae. She is too sweet for somebody to not have room in their heart and home for her!


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