Thursday, August 11, 2005

Henry Wants Cheese...

I finished this little 6 x 6 painting called "Henry Wants Cheese." It was inspired by a photo I took of my spirited little Rooney.

Can't you just read his mind? "Are you going to eat all that cheese? Every bite? Can I have just one nibble? Just one? You're not going to eat the whole thing are you? Are you? You really don't need the whole thing. That cheese sure does look good. I sure would like to have a piece. Can I have a piece? Can I, please? Can I...mmmmmm. Thanks! More?"

Feeling better today. Thanks for the support (I always think of those old Bart1es and James men on the porch when I say that.) You're too young if you don't remember that commercial. Have a great day.

P.S. THANKS CJ, who bought Cat in the Bag!


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