Wednesday, June 14, 2006

is it just me, or...?

Every time I log into Yah00! mail it drives me crazy that there's a picture and heading that are completely incongruent.

For instance, there will be a picture of a crazy (and I do mean crazy) old guy screaming his brains out in a tent, and the cutline reads...

"Find an old flame"

Um, maybe you're better off if you don't. This dude has issues! He's screaming at a tent no less.

Or today, there's two chicks in their early 20's running from the incoming surf, and the cutline reads...

"You deserve the best."

I'll let you come to your own conclusions; there are several.

Granted, a few are relevant, but some of them just have me cocking my head to the side like a beagle.

It all started with the crazy guy in the tent. That's the one that gets me.


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