Tuesday, June 13, 2006

today's quiz!

Closely study the picture below.

Now, is this a picture of:

a) a crack house (minus the addicts)
b) an attempt to find out how a couch is constructed
c) the result of boozed up lunatic with a chainsaw
d) the result of two puppies, who in three weeks destroyed a nice couch that used to be in our living room


Ding! Ding! Ding! Even though I am fascinated with the construction of the couch (b), if you answered "d," you are correct!

We used to have this couch in our living room. When we got some new furniture a couple of years ago, we put our old couch in the cellar where our laundry room is (I know it looks haunted down there--a la old house charm). Sadie and Pickles always had cool water, perfect 70 degree temps. year-round and a nice new couch to nap on while we were gone. There's also a doggie door that goes into a fenced in area outside.

Now, in less than a month, Pepper, and to a lesser extent Petey, have completely...well... eaten that same couch.

More pictures of the destruction. Click for BIG.

Like I always say, "Oh well..."



Hey, I was wondering if there's any chance I could use this couch image on my site? It's a commercial site (we're a small print company) but it's just for an under construction page and would only be up for a short amount of time and it's my favourite destroyed couch picture I've seen so far :)

I'd obviously include a link back to your blog, if it's okay for me to use it you can contact me at nathan@bokaprint.com

Thanks, Nathan

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