Saturday, January 10, 2004


Hey, it wasn't such a bad birthday after all. I'm still a little miffed to be abandoned by hubby for the weekend, but hell, I'm a grown-up now (at least on paper).

So I, ma, my brother and his wife went to a fun little mexican restaurant to have dinner and I was not shocked when the servers all came out to sing and plop sombreros on our heads. They also brought me a birthday sopapilla, which was nice. The server who was tending our table set down the dessert in front of me and spooned up a big blob of whipped cream and acted like he was going to feed me when he detoured from my mouth and smeared the dessert all over my face instead. We're there often enough for him to know I am a good sport and I was laughing hard as I was extracting whipped cream from my nostrils and wiping it from my cheeks, nose and chin. We all had a good laugh over that, and I can bet there will be a lot of people who request they not be taken there for their birthdays after seeing that.

Also, my in-laws dropped by with my two cuter-than-cute nieces (ages 6 & 8) and brought me presents, hand-drawn birthday cards (the best kind) and a german chocolate cake. Pretty cool of them. Hubby called me twice today and had been snowmobiling (grrrr...).

My dad even got a birthday card in the mail which arrived TWO days before my birthday. In the old days, I'd get it a few weeks late or not at all.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Has everyone been taking extra vitamins or something?

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. They were VERY much appreciated!!!!! *smooch*

In other news, the puppies got baths last night (i.e. I got a bath) and went to the vet today. They both got clean bills of health, except Pickles has cataracts. Maybe we'll save up to get her eyesight corrected. They do lasik surgery for dogs now, too, you know. Of course, it is $1000 per eye, so it won't be happening this year! They're not bad at the moment anyway.

One aside here--I didn't know there was a saying "older than a turd." Heh. I have to laugh at that. So, raise your glasses because here's to the YEAR OF THE TURD. Hopefully it won't stink like 2003. :-)


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