Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Part three (or so) of the money beggar dilemma...

Last night I went out to water the herb and shade garden because our house has been earmarked to have an individualized drought while rain falls in all other neighborhoods around us and a lady walked by and said "hi." I said "hi, how are you?" back to her. Then she asked me for money to feed her baby and that she wouldn't have money until tomorrow because her son, who works at the McDonald's down the street, won't get paid until then.

I thought about telling her the truth--that I really didn't have anything to give her, but our house probably suggests otherwise. So I just very apologetically said I can't. She told me to have a blessed evening and walked on. My heart wanted to give, but my brain kept stepping in, having been scammed so many times.

Then I felt like shit anyway.

Even though I knew she was probably lying.

I thought later the next time someone says they need money for food, I will offer to go get them something and bring it right back. Then, it will be obvious if they are wanting food or something else.


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