Monday, May 10, 2004


I'm back. One person asked me how my vacation was and that's only because he wanted me to do something. I miss the old days in my department when everyone was really friendly and we all went on beach trips together and such. It's not like that anymore. Update 5-11: Okay, so I was just being bitchy. My office-bud, Inn was even out sick upon my return, so yah, I can be dramatic and bitchy all at the same time...'cause I'm multi-talented like that! Sorry, Inn. Ahem, oh yeah, a couple of people asked me later in the day anyway. Double the dose.

Oh well, I have to suck it up and pay the bills.

I had a nice relaxing vacation. I spent some time with my mom with whom I went horseback riding, hoofed around nearby Asheville and played slots. I took her to a casino for a day of gambling on Mother's about that for a non-traditional gift? She had a blast and so did I.

I did one sculpt of a doll head and a couple of felt pieces, but other than that I am still experiencing creative block. I think I'm perpetuating the problem by worrying about it.

So I'm not going to worry about it. I hope you all have been well. I gave myself a week-long break from blogging as well.

Thanks for giving Leigh-Anne so much feedback on the commemorative knit kit. I thought it was pretty neat, too. Happy Monday...blech!


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