Wednesday, May 03, 2006

erratic, not erotic, errata...

  • This guy makes his art from chewed gum...amazing-->GUM BLONDES

    Which is completely unrelated to the last two weeks...

  • Pepper broke some small bones in her neck racing into, and not around, the deck stairs. Off to the animal ER in the middle of the night. Nearly $700 later she has recovered. She was supposed to be spayed yesterday but the vet's sterilization equipment broke. I brought home a drunk dog (they had already sedated her for the procedure). Back on Friday for the the Big Snipperoo.

  • When I took Pepper to the ER she peed a gallon in my brand new MINI, which I just had customized. I had to get my car steam-cleaned because I didn't know she had peed until the next morning, at which time everything had been thoroughly marinated. Before I could get that service done it rained for two solid days, by which time I was also marinated in dog urine. I swear I still have olfactory flashbacks.

  • When I had my MINI customized in Nashville (the checkerboard stuff, an iPOD interface and driving lights), they forgot to replace my antenna hook-up. I have no radio stations and until I go back to the dealership in Nashville, which I don't have time to do, I'm stuck.

  • Petey doesn't have dermatitis after all. He has MANGE. Three months of Ivermectin...the nastiest-tasting medicine in the world. He has bald elbows and a nice crusty strip down his back that is slowly growing back hair. It's really fun to take him out in public: "Oh, that poor dog...what did they do to him...?!"

  • Since Petey was diagnosed with mange, I have been itching like crazy with a rashy scalp. I'm trying to ignore it.

  • Pepper was supposed to be nearly grown when we got her. She's gained nearly 15 pounds in the last three weeks. Her paws continue to grow at an even rate faster than her body-a foreboding sign of many more pounds to come. We check her collar daily. She also ate the couch in our laundry room, daily scarfs down the other dogs' food, and today part of the large dog bed in the sunroom.

  • And the cherry on top...the very sweet lady we paid for Petey and Pepper has lost
    the checks we wrote for them.

    And still, we are as happy as we can be with both pups and I'll get back to Nashville when I get back to Nashville...


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