Monday, May 08, 2006

X marks the spot...

I am right where the X is, but I don't where the X is related to anything else in the universe. I am riding along on a magic consonant carpet, going somewhere in a really big hurry.


All those places I've been listing for years? Probably, but we'll see.

But I feel spent. And I have spent X amount. In this case X is a variable that represents a considerable sum. A price I was not prepared to pay.

I don't believe in IOUs anymore. Vowels are for wimps. I need X. I would like to have X in full view, so I can stare into it and study it for the consonant that it is.

And was.

And could be.

I need to do more than stand on the X. I need to be the X.

Tip it to the side and you are in the crosshairs again.

X is dangerous.

X is the place where everyone is headed, but most will vowel-out and say they never wanted to go.

They lie about X because X can't be controlled.

X is a variable. Positive or negative, neither captured nor validated.




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