Tuesday, May 09, 2006

lilies to remember him by...

Every time I think I'm lost in this ridiculous quest to earn a degree and change my life from spinner to do-gooder, someone inadvertently reminds me I am not wasting my time or talents. It always happens unexpectedly--offered neither directly nor purposely, but through their behavior; usually by showing a side of themselves that is emotionally defunct or dead.

Then, I remember, why I wanted to help people in trouble.

Then, I remember, just how many people do not care what happens to others.

Then, I remember, just how many people are unable to see beyond themselves.

Then, I remember, just how important it is to see beyond myself.


This past weekend I made what was probably my final "gathering" trip to my father's home. I wanted to transplant his Stella D'Oro lilies to my yard and bring home two gigantic aloe plants he'd nursed for years.

The new owners met me there and we dug them up and placed them in the bed of my mother's truck. They have been kind to allow us access to the property any time we felt the need to visit. My father's house is now rented to a young man. It made me sad to see the giant blackberry and raspberry thickets mowed to the ground. It's hard to accept the fact the property he worked so hard on is no longer in our family.

I planted the lilies as soon as I got home and didn't wear my gardening gloves--it felt good to put my hands in the earth. It seemed important for this particular gardening task.

It rained several hours the next day after planting so they look wonderfully plump and settled in their new home. I hope the move didn't shock them into forgoing their blooms. I wanted to do the transplant in the fall, but I didn't have time.

I never had a green thumb, but Daddy could make anything grow. I hope he'll help me watch over this little patch of cheerful lilies. I enjoy seeing them when I pull out of the driveway in the mornings.


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