Thursday, May 18, 2006

so what if I'm nuts?

I don't know who that woman was yesterday--that woman who got all worked up over everything. It's just another puzzle to keep working on...

Hubby is on a business trip (to the beach--ahem), so instead of breaking up the duties for all eight critters, I was leader of the zoo this morning.

20 min.--The puppies have to fed separately from our older dog because she won't eat if you don't stand over her and tell her to eat and praise her for each and every bite.

5 min.--all doggie water stations cleaned and filled

5 min.--found pee stain on blanket; threw into wash immediately

5 min.--sprayed down area with odor eliminator

5 min.--cleaned up all stuffings from "murdered" toys; placed all "survivors" in crates for later parade of removal

5 min.--accounted for all five kitties, cleaned and refilled their three water bowls; refilled food bowls

1 min.--extracted Atticus' head from empty dog food cans in garbage (mind you, it has a LID on it); repeated, repeated, gave up

5 min.--had regular morning conversation with Rooney while putting on make-up, which goes like this:

"Meow!" He stares at me.

"What?!" I implore.

"Meow!!" He stares at me and pads back and forth on this front paws.

"What?!!" I exclaim.

"Meeeeooooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!!!" He yowls.

"What?! What do you want!?!" I hurry dragging the eyeliner across my eyelid.

(rinse and repeat)

Finally, when I am at a stopping place, say after lining and before mascara, I pick him up and hug and kiss him until he decides it wasn't such a good idea after all...

Then he trots out of the bathroom satisfied that his request was filled; even if it wasn't done as promptly as he'd liked.

10 min.--scooped five giant-sized litter boxes in garage and added new litter

5 min.--waited for kitties to line up to crap and pee in the brand new litter

3 min.--scooped fresh poo and pee

2 min.--called dogs to fence to say goodbye and give them one Meaty Bone each

all day--feel guilty about the forlorn look Petey gave me as I walked away


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