Monday, July 18, 2005

and then there was Nana...

This morning I was disheartened as I drove to work. I saw five beagle puppies wandering alongside the and out of the and out of the road. They looked like they were about 6 months old. Could I stop and herd them into the car? Would I only go a mile down the road to find more roaming dogs?

About three miles later I saw a big black lump in the road. "Please be a tire. Please be a tire." But it wasn't. It was a big black lab hit by car not long before I had come along. I can't stand it when people just let their dogs fend for themselves in traffic. This "cut-through" road is kind of a rural atmosphere...along with rural attitudes. I see dogs and cats roaming all the time. I see them both, along with raccoons and opossums squashed on the roadside. It makes me so angry--at pet "owners" and at careless drivers.

Then I thought of Nana, the pup we transported from Memphis to Richmond, Virginia. We were part of an 8-person relay to get his precious little girl to her new owner in Richmond. I wanted to keep her! She was horribly shy, so the only pics I got were with my little camera phone. I sat in the back with her and she cuddled up on the floor instead of the seat. She had recently had puppies and I think she was a little sad. But, Nana went to a wonderful loving home with another dog to play with. I had to think of Nana to cancel out all the sadness. Lucky, lucky Nana. ***Big thanks to Leigh-Anne for hooking me up with the transport!***

And a sneak peak at at 12 x 12 inch painting I'm working on "Teddy's Last Dip" makes me laugh so hard. It will be up later in the week.


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