Monday, July 11, 2005

little devils...

My little devil is up on Ebay...

Rooney seems really chipper since he escaped the university vet school clinic. He looks pretty awful with a shaved belly, back and right front leg, but he's been crawling under the covers, snuggling and begging for food like usual. I guess he had two days of IV fluids and enough aggravation!

Meanwhile, Pickles, our older pup, decided to get one of her nails stuck in the wire mesh of our patio glider. Rip. Off it came. All that's sticking out is the quick--like when you pull lobster out of the claw (not that I eat such things, mind you). Poor thing. Animals are so much tougher than we are. She's not even limping. But, you know she does need to get to the vet for some antibiotics. It's been a damn revolving door for a good seven months now. Whatever.

My toenails are brown with bright periwinkle polkadots. I know it's unfair to talk and not show, but I don't have my camera with me right now. You'll have to wait! I have a friend who showed up with a brown/pink combo she had done at a salon in Nashville and I just had to try it myself. I love it. Daddy would have shaken his head and snickered. It makes me smile when I think he would have laughed at something I've done.



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