Thursday, July 07, 2005

poor Rooney...

Rooney is in the ICU for the night because his temperature dropped dramatically during his myelogram. Thankfully, the lymph node aspiration did not show signs of lymphoma, which was my fear. It does show lots of inflammation though. Now I have to take him back home for a few days until he has one of his lameness episodes; then take him back to the hospital so he can be evaluated while he's got the wobblies. Then they want to take some spinal fluid to pin down the neurological problem. In the meantime, he has to have an endoscopic exam and bowel biopsy to pin down the chronic diarrhea. The vet thinks we have two problems; not one.

Yippee-fuckin'-yea. Poor thing. I just hate this. When is the rain going to let up? I can't even think straight anymore.

A black and white I took of Rooney several years ago...


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