Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hey Mamaw...

Last day for bids on "Hey Mamaw"...In other news, we have NO HOT WATER. None. Nada. Our hot water heater has been acting up and we're having one installed on Thursday morning, but two more ice cold showers stand between us and the installation. Brrrr. I was VERY awake this morning!

I made some blackberry cobbler last night from the blackberry patch at my father's house. The last few days have been kind of hard thinking about him...I feel his presence slipping away from me and it makes me feel sick inside. Over the next few weekends we are going to start emptying his house. I dread that more than you can imagine. Daddy's apple orchard is loaded this year. He was always disappointed in the yield of the trees and now that he's gone, the branches are nearly breaking with fruit. He grafted several dwarf varieties himself which always impressed me. There's also a dwarf pear tree in the yard. You've never seen such cute little pears. If the fruit doesn't get wormy as it ripens, I suppose I'll be making some more cobblers and pies...maybe I'll even learn to can something. Who knows.


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