Thursday, July 07, 2005

London, Rooney and ceiling cracks...

LONDON...heavy, deep sigh...Not a good way to start the day. My heartfelt condolences go out to all those poor people.

Rooney spent the night at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital and is undergoing a battery of neurological tests. I don't know what is going to happen. Apparently there were some abnormalities in the radiograph and they are going to follow up with an abdominal ultrasound, nerve conduction test and myelogram (by the way, my right kidney is now for sale on Ebay). Hopefully, he'll get to come home this afternoon, but I'm not betting on it. There was a mention of a possible spinal problem. Ugh.

Meanwhile there are two buckets in the dining room to catch:
a) pouring water
b) falling plaster

The crack in our ceiling has gotten exponentially worse, even though the new gutters and other repairs are scheduled and/or in the works (the gutters have to go up first)...but hey, not before a tropical depression mows through the area. Glad I bought a new mop the other day.

Add serious medical testing today going on for another family member. I can't even go into that.

Let's see, where did I put that silver lining?

Well, at least I have two more small paintings in the works that I really like---one is "Noogie Goes to the Big Top" and "Hey Mamaw, Open Up, It's Just Me and Sugar," which will be listed under the much less verbose title "Hey Mamaw." There's a third--a little devil--but I don't have it named yet.


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