Tuesday, July 26, 2005

one haute mama...

Well, feverish. I've had a slight fever for a couple of days. Could it be the near 100 degree temps outside have cooked my innards to casserole consistency?


Maybe not.

I merged the Rocky Top Brigade listing into my regular blogroll, and I'm not sure I like all that mish-mashing, co-mingling and cross-breeding. We'll see.

I have three more paintings in the works...I hope I can get at least one of them up by tomorrow night. I wish I had more time to paint. I'm having so much fun. It's gratifying to have them purchased, but I'd do it even if none of them sold. Someone mentioned doing prints. If any of you have experience doing that sort of haberdashery, email me and share your experience. I'm a little wary of the whole thing...reproducing and such.


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