Friday, July 16, 2004

ah, the weekend...

I took some pictures of another laminated felt scarf I did, but they are so dark and boring that they don't do the piece any justice at all. I'll have to retry and post some others tonight. I'm also continuing to knit on the rib-hugging raglan sweater from The Purl Stitch book.  But I have to tell you, although I think the Filatura Di Crosa Millefili Fine Print is mucho delicioso, it has friggin' knots in it, which is my number one pet peeve. Expensive yarn should not have knots in it. If stinkin' Red Heart can make a one pound skein without knots then, by golly, other manufacturers ought to be able to perform the same feat for 136 yards. The yarn has zero give so I don't like joining anymore than I have to. Pbbbbllllllt!
Something exciting for the weekend: tomorrow I'm going over to Asheville, NC to attend the Southern Highland Craft Guild show. I am so excited. It's the guild I hope to get into one day. Their application process is worse than getting into graduate school. Ah, something to shoot for.
Seabiscuit is still snorting and stamping around in my head. I've never hated to finish a book so badly. In the book one of the horse owners' dogs is named "Wee Biscuit." I thought it would be funny someday to have a small dog and name him "Crouton." I know, I'm warped. And damn proud of it!

p.s. I am staying in school. Really.


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