Sunday, July 18, 2004

I'm baaaa-a-a-ack...

Just like that frightening childhood wart...
Anyway, I had a great time tooling around Asheville (took mi mama with me) and had some good vegetarian food whilst I was there. I wish I could have taken pictures and shown you all the good stuff I saw at the show, but you know how that is...kinda naughty and all. I found another dollmaker I am very impressed with--Lesley Keeble. She is also a new member of NIADA. See her work on this page. The pictures do not do her figures justice at all. They are really exquisite.

On the way back over the mountains it rained and made us feel like we were "in the clouds..." (click the image for a monster size...)

I've also been working on some more laminated scarves... (click the image for a monster size...)

I also wanted to show you what I did with Lori's Art Cards. I look at them every day when I open the fridge! I found some magnet frames that are just perfect. Now isn't that a well-dressed fridge?


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