Wednesday, July 21, 2004

it had to be done...

We finally had to close off the bedroom to the kitties, especially Baxter (below), except when we are physically in the room.

Why? Because of his unexplainable puking. Baxter likes to sleep on the bed and now that he's older he's not interested in jumping off the bed to spew up his gastric juices. Thus, we were getting surprises on the bed on a daily basis (see below).

The vet still has no explanation for his puking. He's healthy minus a borderline hypoglycemia problem and is at least 13 years old (we rescued him when we was estimated to be 2 years old). I just don't know how his system takes it, but it does and we can't find a food or remedy anywhere that works. We recently began giving him liquid vitamins on a regular basis. No change in the puke schedule but he looks better. We had washed our sheets so many times they were starting to resemble cotton postage stamps.

So, mommy's sorry, but you have to go sleep somewhere else while we're out... :-(

All our animals are over 10 years old now, but the one I worry most about is Rooney (below).
Rooney's weight has dropped off significantly over the last year. I am taking him to the vet on Friday to see what's going on. Although I haven't noticed him drinking more than usual I'm afraid he might have diabetes because I have been feeding him more but to no avail. At his last vet appointment he checked out fine (just needed his teeth cleaned) but had obviously lost some weight. Ugh, as soon as there was no money, everyone needed vet attention. That damn Murphy bastard.


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