Saturday, July 10, 2004

one hairy mess...

Well, I did not chicken-out. I like it. My dearest hairstylist Chaundra always fixes my hair sleek, but I mess it up when I get home and make it more piecey. Yah, I know it doesn't look exactly like the picture I took with me, but I DO need to see. How I fix it is more swept forward like that...maybe another pic sometime... Next on the agenda is to lose the 30 pounds I gained after surgery about a year-and-a-half ago. Pics of the hair: before, after at the salon, after I have washed and fixed it myself and the leftovers that will be donated to Locks of Love.

It feels good. It's not that I didn't like my hair before--I just needed a drastic change. Maybe it's because 40 is only six months away. Maybe I just need to feel different in some way...whatever it is, a major whack-job seemed to do the trick...for now.


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