Friday, July 09, 2004

creativity killers...

This morning at the gym (I never thought I'd be saying those words), I was reading an article about creativity downers and realized I am guilty of a few. I think I really get hung up on trying to different, when all I need to do is be GENUINE. Genuine is always as unique as you ever need to be and has no "false fire" within it. Like the article said, "It's all been done before, so get over yourself, honey." And I suppose it has, so I'm going to try to be very aware of the genuineness in my work. I need to trust myself more and stop censoring what I need to express...

I did another nuno scarf last night, but I forgot to take a picture. Shate. I'll take one later, I promise.

And the knitter's nightmare. Yes, I AM knitting something--a raglan body hugger (like my body needs to be hugged)--but I think I accidentally mailed off a ball of the yarn I am knitting it with! Gah!!!!!! I was going to knit on the raglan at lunch yesterday so I threw in a new ball of yarn (the other only had a couple of yards left in it) with the other Ebay yarn to be mailed that day. Then, I wound up not knitting at lunch, but going to the post office to mail off the other yarn and got in a hurry when I mailed...when I got back I couldn't find my project yarn. *sinking feeling* I think I will send the buying ladies an email...what to do?! I suppose I could knit short sleeves instead of long ones, but...gah! piss! bugger! doggie doo!


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