Tuesday, July 27, 2004

everyone is alive...

Well it turns out I was feeling cruddy last week because I was coming down with strep. I've felt like crap over the past few days but got to see the doc yesterday and began some antibiotics.

Rooney is now on all soft cat food. His bloodwork came back ok. At this point we think he's simply not able to eat enough with this gum/tooth condition. He always comes down to eat breakfast and starts munching away, but feeding the kitties is usually the last thing I do before I leave so I don't see how long he eats. So, he's getting two small cans of soft food everyday and antibiotics twice a day to help the inflammation in his gums. Don't we all love to give the cats pills?! Hopefully we'll fatten my little boy up and get him happy again. Which will make me happy. It horrifies me to think that he's been hungry.

It's funny that Rooney and I are both taking antibiotics at the same time. Thanks for all the nice comments--sorry I didn't update sooner--just feeling awful... hopefully tomorrow will hold an upswing...

Oh yeah, and one more fun tidbit. For the first time in my life my blood pressure is high and now I have to monitor it for two weeks and fax it in to the doc. WTF??!!! I'm answering work email from home today because I feel like crap--not to mention I'm probably contagious. Whatever...going to lay down now...thanks again for all the comments :-)


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