Wednesday, January 19, 2005

the epitome of tolerance...

That would be me. Think I'm a braggart? An arrogant, self-serving smartass? Well, let me tell you, I haven't been on a vacation in more than four years and my husband is coming home tonight after week in Paris, Interloken and Zurich. Now, capitalize that "e" on Epitome will you? No, not Paris, Tennessee (there is one, you know); Paris, France. How do you say "I'm gonna kick your ass" in French?

Even though we are broke as hell...wait, capitalize that "h," too...we're about six months out from making normal money again. Hubby's training period will be over and commissions will increase. I just hope I can hang on for this last little bit without having something repossessed.

Anyway, I am actually happy he got to go, although I was insanely jealous when he called me from The Louvre and said he was about to walk over to the Eiffel Tower.

How did he go considering our paltry resources? His boss takes the guys on trips about twice a year. So, dear hubby has been to the Florida coast several times, Vail and now an international trip. Yes, honey, you will be taking me on many, many wonderful trips when things get back to normal.

Who takes a "guy" trip to Paris? I just told him to keep his hands off all those braless French broads. I will be very happy to have him back tonight. Warm hugs all around.


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