Thursday, January 06, 2005

this and that...

Noted: Bloggers bloggin' the news are making changes in media institutions. Link

In far more important news, we are meeting a little kitty named "Comet" tonight for possible adoption. We're JUST looking...
If you haven't been there, and I almost hesitate to give you the link, go see The photos of the tsunami as it happened are pretty amazing. The unsorted photos have a warning on them and quite frankly I wouldn't go there. Some of the images will be burned into my mind forever. DON'T BE A BUTTHOLE AND LEAVE THE SITE WITHOUT DONATING A LITTLE BIT (unless of course you've already done your part). They have all the links to the proper organizations right there for you. If my broke ass can give a little anyone can--even if it's the price of a fast-food lunch.

You'll have to answer to Van G0gh and Jack if you take without giving.


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