Monday, January 10, 2005

so much for that...

Despite buying ruby slippers and crossing my fingers, toes and unsightly nosehairs, I turned 40 anyway. We went to dinner last night with my mom, brother and his wife and my brother was "kind" enough to bring a huge bouquet of black balloons into the crowded restaurant. Gonna' getcha' sucka!
And we did in fact welcome a new kitty into our home (a birthday gift from hubby). I still can't find the right name for him, but he is a big (15 lb. or so!) love lump. We thought we'd get a younger cat to keep our older kitties active, but so far he's lazier than they are! No major spats have occurred but we've had some rolling of the eyes and pissy hissing. He's going to fit in just fine though.
We didn't set out to get a kitty like Baxter, but when we met him, we just fell in love with him. He's a big galoot and very cuddly. He's solid white except for the two grey smudges on his head. As you can see in the photo to the left, Atticus was NOT amused when we brought him home. He is watching us as we let the new kitty out of the carrier downstairs.
Thirty-nine yesterday; 40 today. What the hell. I took the day off (a present to myself!) and tonight hubby and I are going to dinner at one my favorite restaurants. We'll whoop it up like middle-aged people do. Har. Har? THANKS FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! THAT LESLIE!


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