Saturday, January 29, 2005

oh yeah? scumble this...

Ever seen scumbling? You crocheters and knitters will like this if you have not been exposed to it already.

The master, Prudence Mapstone at is pretty hat from a few posts ago will be in Prudence's next Virtual Hat Gallery. Oh, and it's for sale at $95 plus shipping. The client I made it for wanted different colors. Oh well.

Back to mumbling about's some more scumblers from all over the world at this gallery...

Speaking of hats you should visit Nini K...she has some very unique and lovely styles...they are knitted and beaded...

AND, you MUST SEE the YARN CAR!! Tim Klein, art car creator, has covered a vintage 1967 Imperial with four miles of yarn. Believe it or not, it's beautiful!

Me? I'm still down and out with the crud...I've had to stick my lung back in at least twice tonight...tastes a lot like liver that is (you know I'm a vegetarian!)


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