Tuesday, January 18, 2005

it's okay, my time is worth nothing...

Yesterday, I had to go to the gyn-oh-no for a consult. I had a hormone study done and an ultrasound a while back and I had returned to talk about the results. My appointment was at 2:15. I parked at 2:13, waited for the elevator for nearly five minutes and signed in about 2:19. I expected my consult to take about 10 minutes and it did...at 4:15.

At 4:15 p.m.

Did I tell you my appointment was at 2:15?

The main waiting room had three GOLF magazines in it. Apparently, some staff-whack has a sadistic sense of humor.

The second waiting room (there's a second tier of waiting rooms for specific doctors) had better magazines, but not by much. The exam room I waited in had some good magazines, but by then I was pissed off, playing with the exam table lights and noticing the permanent creases in my pants from sitting for so long.

My doc came in and said my estrogen was a little low so she changed my prescription. She said my fibroids were back--one about the size of a "50-cent piece" (a GOLF ball size no less) and one about the size of a dime. "Keep track of everything on the calendar and come back in March," she said. I told her I struggle with PMS. She wrote it down on the chart so I could see it. Before leaving she gave me a big smile and said, "Sorry about your wait today."

Four-fifteen. And I didn't complain because I knew no one would care. And I paid for it because I had to.

Doc, this hemmorhoid is for you.


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