Tuesday, September 02, 2003

oh well...

Turns out we were too lazy to even walk down to Boomsday. Who cares? We missed a few mullets and screaming kids. I got some studying done, which was well overdue.

So, living consciously can suck, despite the beauty in can bring to your life. You can be quite unhappy when you are working against the grain. I am working against the grain. Until I can move on, I will be working against the grain. It really wears me down...not to mention being incredibly broke along with it. We have our staff meeting today, which means I get to go to a restaurant that has probably has no vegetarian options and pay $10 for it. That's a $10 I don't have right now. It just adds to my irritation.

My husband has finally found a job he really loves. He never dreads work and doesn't come home and complain for hours on end like he used to. It's great and I am really happy for him. I just wish I could be in that same position.

Oh, whatever. Woe, blergh is me.


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