Monday, September 08, 2003

poor little pickles...

Well, Pickles came home groggy, with stitches (see the photo to the left; click for full size) and equipped with a bottle full of antibiotics. There's nothing worse than seeing an animal post-sedation. They are so pitiful. She's gotten the royal princess treatment all evening complete with a couple licks of ice cream. I took Sadie for a long walk to calm her nerves down so she wouldn't get pissy about the whole unscheduled event. Pickles is laying in bed with daddy as we speak. She's still really tired from the anesthesia. Usually she is bouncing off the walls, so it's sad to see her all exhausted. I think she's going to be just fine though. The bill was $120 which wasn't that bad except I'm broke and now even more broke than before. Sheesh, we're squeaking by. Bleh on that! Pickles, honey, you're worth every dime and more.

I got some good news tonight. I was accepted into the Foothills Craft Guild for my handfelting! That will allow me to get into some more fine craft shows. I really never thought I could do this kind of stuff and actually get recognition for it. Pretty cool. Yippee and hurrah!

Well, I'd chat more, but I have a paper to finish for class and it's due tomorrow. Later 'taters.


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