Friday, September 12, 2003

there's no blood in my fingers...

I type therefore there must be SOME blood in my fingers. Sometimes the office gets so chilly my hands just hurt. I've always been blessed with cold hands and cold feet any time the temperature drops below 80 degrees. I wish I had the nerve to knit up some gloves, but I'm just too lazy to do the fingers. Maybe I'll just knit up some wrist warmers for the winter.

Like I have time.

I come home from work, eat, stare at the wall for a few minutes and dye, sew or felt all night. Over the last week it's been all dyeing, and I've only gotten out to walk once. I also have to squeeze in about 250 pgs. of textbook study and take an online quiz that I have, get this, 3 hours to complete. If it takes 3 hours, it should be an EXAM. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Hubby gets to go to the Fleetwood Mac concert tonight thanks to a free ticket from his boss. So it's work friends night out for him WHILE I WORK MY BUTT OFF. But I am happy for him. It's my own fault. I bit off more than I could chew and now I have to chew until I'm done. Bleh. Tired. I will try to eventually get some pics up of the silks. I was especially pleased with one shibori piece I finished up last night.

I am in a panic over the figures. I really can't expect to turn out more than one or two more before the TACA fair. They take lots of detailed construction, noodling, embellishment, etc. And I don't want to take stuff that is less than what I usually present. There are too many things to do--redo biz cards, make nicer looking tags, finish display shelving, bleh, bleh, BLEH!!!!! Ack. I have to quit talking about it or my brain will totally freeze up.

Oh yeah, and I have a job to do, which reminds me I should get back to work. I have a publication to get out. Ahhhhhh!


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